A music teacher with hearing aids directing a school band with a trumpet player, a drummer, and more students playing music

Viron hearing aids.

Getting the most out of listening to music with hearing aids.

  • Higher sound fidelity thanks to a large bandwidth and extended dynamic range.

  • Multiple streaming possibilities for clean entertainment sound.

  • Customized settings and dedicated Live Music Program to maximize music experience.

  • No compromise on speech understanding in noise thanks to DECS™ technology.

Bernafon's first True Environment Processing™ hearing aid, Viron combines industry-leading technology with unparalleled signal processing for a most natural perception of sound in demanding music situations.

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How does listening to music improve my health?

Music does good in ways that go beyond the simple enjoyment of it. Listening to music, playing, singing, or composing not only gives you a platform to express yourself, it brings a host of positive effects on your physical and mental health.

  • Boosts mood. Music helps regulate emotions and feelings by activating certain areas of the brain 1
  • Reduces stress. Listening to relaxing and soothing music has been shown to lower levels of stress-related hormones 2
  • Stimulates memory. Musical activities promote an improvement in memory and other cognitive functions 3

What’s the relationship between hearing loss and the experience of listening to music?

As hearing deteriorates, the way the brain intercepts and perceives musical information changes. For people with hearing loss, listening to music is often described as an unpleasant or disappointing experience.

  • Music sounds flat, muffled or distorted
  • Lyrics are difficult to understand
  • Music is too soft
  • Familiar songs have become unrecognizable
  • Musical instruments cannot be easily identified
A music teacher with hearing aids directing a school band with a trumpet player, a drummer, and more students playing music

"Viron gives me natural sound quality and clever options to personalize settings. Music has never sounded better."

Jörg Arm, 57


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