Woman and 2 men with Bernafon Alpha hearing aids by drawing of lynx, bear and owl with miniBTE T R and Hybrid Technology logo

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The Bernafon Alpha family is growing. Discover the new miniBTE styles and performance category extension.

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Hybrid Technology™ with new user reports

Like a hybrid car, Hybrid Technology™ joins two processing approaches into one hybrid system. Because two are better than one, it can act independently or in tandem to strike the right balance in countless listening situations. See how Alpha users rate the performance of Hybrid Technology™ in various listening situations.

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Woman playing the violin while enjoying the music experience of Bernafon Alpha hearing aids

Inspiration in every note

Bernafon Alpha hearing aids feature the Music Experience program with superior sound quality for a well-balanced music enjoyment. Trial results show the excellent performance of Music Experience with musicians. Also find helpful fine-tuning tips to personalize the program to your clients' needs.

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Bernafon Alpha user reviews

Hearing aid users report their experience with Bernafon Alpha. Read how Jean Marc and Rita Nigg travel around the world in their mobile home. Or watch the hearing aid testimonial video of Frits. The hobby tennis player from the Netherlands says why Bernafon Alpha was the right choice for him.

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Midnight blue Bernafon Alpha rechargeable hearing aids inside the portable Charger Plus with the lid open

Portable Charger Plus for Alpha miniRITE T R

The Charger Plus is a perfect accessory to further promote Bernafon Alpha hearing aids to your clients. Its power bank offers 3 full recharging cycles of two hearing aids. The Charger Plus makes Alpha hearing aids even more attractive to users with an active lifestyle.

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New in the Oasisnxt fitting software

Additional measurement levels in REMfit™ and the possibility to transfer targets to IMC2 compatible REM systems enhances the overall fitting experience for the client.

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Bernafon Marketing Program

We help you create interest in Bernafon hearing solutions. Whether it’s lead-generation templates, customizable brochures, videos, or in-office decoration, get the support to help you convert more clients – and grow your practice.

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The benefits of a Bernafon login for professionals are many, including the ability to download the Oasisnxt fitting software, access to our training and support page, and to indepth product information for your professional practice.

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