Bernafon DECS™ hearing aid technology

The dynamics of hearing with DECS™

Dynamic Environment Control System™, or DECS™, is Bernafon's established hearing aid technology. It combines different systems to ensure real-time sound detection and processing.

Continuous Environment Detection
analyzes the environment with high-speed and precision.

Dynamic Noise Management™
or DNM™ effectively removes noise without adversely affecting speech.

Dynamic Amplification Control™
or DAC™ continuously measures the speech-to-noise ratios and directs the information to Dynamic Speech Processing™.

Dynamic Speech Processing™
or DSP™ accurately amplifies the signal based on level and the dynamic environment information received from DAC™.

Dynamic Feedback Canceller™
or DFC™ eliminates feedback signals at high speed, so that feedback does not become an issue for users.

User benefits

DECS™ provides users with the most realistic sound experience possible.

  • Improves speech understanding in noisy and dynamic listening situations 1

  • Provides maximum comfort in highly noisy places 2

  • Reduces listening effort to allow users to focus on what’s important to them 3

Bernafon's powerful and effective feedback cancelling system

Based on 126,000 measurements per second, Dynamic Feedback Canceller™ eliminates feedback within milliseconds.

  • Better target match due to higher feedback thresholds

  • More open fittings with minimized risk of acoustical feedback

  • Extended fitting possibilities for severe hearing losses using the full gain of the instrument

Want to know more about Bernafon's patented Dynamic Feedback Canceller™?

Read our White Paper about reduced acoustic feedback in realistic and active situations or visit our resource center to access further information about Bernafon's DECS™ technology.

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Viron and Leox hearing aids featuring DECS™

With Viron and Leox we offer two product families with cutting-edge technology that cater to different degrees of hearing losses.

  • miniRITE

  • miniRITE T

  • miniRITE T R

  • BTE105

  • BTE SP

  • BTE UP

More about DECS™ technology

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