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Bernafon Marketing Program

Helping hearing practices grow and succeed

From effective marketing resources that drive client engagement to counseling tools that can up your sales, Bernafon has it all. Take your practice to the next level.

Influence start of treatment

307 M

Adults around the world who could benefit from a hearing aid – but aren’t yet.1


10 years

Average time someone with hearing loss waits before buying their first hearing aid.2

Target the right audience at the right time

Creating hearing loss awareness with Bernafon hearing aid marketing campaign


Hearing loss awareness campaign

Your prospects are not ready to talk products just yet. With attention grabbing visuals and messages, this campaign helps you drive new potential users to your practice and effectively move them along the buying journey.


  • Lead-generation materials
  • Customizable social media content
  • Practice decoration
  • Etc.

See the campaign

Creating hearing aid consideration with Bernafon marketing campaign


In-practice marketing

User-tailored resources can make your practice go a long way. Not only do they make clients more receptive to hearing care, they also help your practice build trust and credibility.


  • Consumer brochures
  • Customizable TV spots
  • POS hardware
  • “How to” guides
  • Etc.
Driving hearing aid purchase with Bernafon marketing campaign


Counseling support

In addition to resources that spark interest in Bernafon solutions, we give you the tools to help you sell them – all while making sure the special relationship you have with your clients stays intact.


  • Product guides and brochures
  • Color tools
  • Etc.

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1 McCormack A, Fortnum H. Why do people fitted with hearing aids not wear them?. Int J Audiol. 2013;52(5):360-368.

2 Oyler, A. L. (2012, January). Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults. ASHA.